In the morning our first routine which we religiously follow is to browse the mobile to check the status of our daily helpers’ (maid/driver/cook) status. If they don’t turn up even for a single day our routine gets disturbed. Isn’t it? The work they are doing is mandatory for us, if the cook doesn’t cook, then what do we eat, if the maid doesn’t do a cleaning then who wants to live in an untidy house. And the matter of doing all this work by ourselves has become a bit difficult, as we are totally dependent on them.

As we all accept that these daily helpers have become a more important part of us, now here is the need to discuss a small but very sensitive issue related to them.

Do you ever think why we call our daily workers as our helpers? We also work with big corporate giants, but there also we are just employees not helpers? But those so called uneducated/lower class people are our helpers. Why?

Many a times after working for a long duration they become just like our family members. Our daily routine things are more in their knowledge than us. If require, we give them basic things of their use like medicines, clothes, toys and books for their children and even money in advance.

All the above shows that there is a very thin line between workers and helpers but its significance is more. Have you ever thought who helps us? The answer is very obvious that one who cares for us like our family members or someone who think for us.

Now  the real meaning of daily helper or why this name has been given to them is clear.

One more very crucial and sensitive question for us. Is this justified to rate our daily helpers, who are just like our extended part of our family. Today is the era of gated communities and in single community there are hundreds of flats and so many helpers are working there. We know that even in the family of four, every member has his own taste and different lifestyle. So you can imagine the difference between other flat members’ habits. Due to our different habits and lifestyle may be some house cleaning helper is good for me or some cook is bad for me and not necessarily bad or good for others too.

And nowadays we are very much influenced by rating system. Don’t you think we often believe blindly on ratings without knowing the real scenario. This same is applicable on selecting our daily helpers too. So many people are there in the society who rate their helpers only on the basis of their 2-3 days of work or sometimes discontinue with them but on the basis of those work days, they rate them. Definitely that rating would merely 1 or 2 stars and on that basis many other society members would not prefer to give them a single chance.

If this would continue then those helpers might lose their job. Sometimes they are the only bread earner of the family. For us to give them a rating is to just click a button without giving a next thought on its effects, but for them it would be the matter of their lives. So please before starting this system in your society consider its dark side too.