And the way to improve it digitally

In the present scenario, no physical security system is possible without these uniformed security guards. They are the backbone of our security system and, this is widely accepted that to maintain a strong and healthy system the backbone of it should be very strong.

A glance at the lifestyle of our security guards:

Background :
It’s a bitter truth that 99% of the guards are the young individuals belong to a very poor stratum of our society. Their educational background is also miserable, most of them hardly get their higher secondary degree. Apart from that more than 80% are working thousands of miles away from their family and living a very hard life.


Approximately, the working hours of security guards fall between 8-12 hours daily. The day and night shifts are the part of their duty without any Saturdays and Sundays, means they work 12X7 in 365 days and sometimes there is a transition in shifts, in that situation they have to work 24 hours .


There are many security agencies who hire these young people and after giving some basic training deploy them to the site. The number of security guards on any site depends upon its size and type.


The core responsibilities of a security guard are to safeguard the premises. Being vigilant and observant on all the activities occurring in

his deployed area is the most important duty of him. He has to be dutiful and dedicated towards his work. He is expected to be courageous and at the same time has to be patient and humble. He should quickly react to the incident and can communicate well. In any situation, he is not supposed to show carefree attitude.

These mentioned responsibilities of a security guard is just a drop in the ocean. In a real sense, it’s a very difficult to describe their responsibilities as those are enormous.


These hard-working security guards, being less educated belong to a very low-income group too. The average salary of a guard varies between 11K and 15K in metro cities.

Now Our Responsibilities:
Soldiers deployed on the borders are securing our country likewise these people are securing our society, our workplace, our malls, our heritage and moreover our lives. When you ask them, about their job then the answer is very sad, seldom their basic needs are satisfied. According to them, it’s a thankless job with lots of hard work and very less money.

As we know for running any system successfully, there must be some motivational factor. We are very well aware of security guards’ marginal salary and poor lifestyle. Now as a respected member of the society what can be done to keep them motivated and that can generate a sense of respect for their uniform.


One and the most important thing which is essential to perform this crucial duty of a security guard successfully is a healthy body and an alert mind. For that, some fitness exercise, meditation sessions and the knowledge of healthy diet must be given to them and motivate them to follow these in daily routine. If the guards would be healtheir that the security would be stronger.

Good Behaviour:
Consider them a human being. When you go out or come to the premises, they are supposed to welcome you. If for a change, we greet them or at least respond them with a smile. Don’t be rude to them, especially in front of their peer group. We are very well aware of their language skills. To feel them comfortable talk them out in their mother tongue or in regional language, whatever we know.


We know how important they are to us and our lives. Then isn’t this fair to show it to them and teach it to our younger generation also. That will certainly, fill them with great pride and they will start respecting their job and as a result our society will become healthy and prosperous.


In the society or office premises, we use to celebrate big days like festivals, birthday and many more such events. Let them be the part of our happiness. Let’s share our laughter.


With the marginal salary, it’s very difficult to save hardly a single penny, even though many people in this class waste their hard earned money in smoking and drinking. It will be very crucial not only for them but for the society also to teach them the benefits of savings and ill effects of these bad habits.


We all believe in charity and with time do that. Charity begins at home, so can’t we help these people by arranging books for their children, giving them some money as a reward on special occasions or help in critical health conditions or anything which is possible to us.

These security guards work in the shifts, sometimes day shift or night shift. Many times the situation occurs that at the time of changing duty someone has to work continuously 18 to 24 hours. In that situations, security supervisor must check. Night duties are really stressful as these are opposite to our biological system. Considering that, we can arrange some tea or coffee for them.

Basic Weapon Training:
Before hiring security guards from any agencies make sure that these guards must have got training of operating basic weapons. Though it is not necessary for a building or society’s security guard to use the weapon they must prepare for the chronic situations.

By doing, some little help we make this system very strong and make our brothers feel proud of their uniform.

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