(Rajasthan Police COVID-19 Law Enforcement Assistance to Residents Pass)

Pass for residents during COVID19 Lockdown

Rajasthan Police has partnered with All Is Well to facilitate an E PASS system for the residents, to enable them to move out of their homes during the COVID-19 lockdown.

COVID- 19 Movement Monitoring

In view of Covid-19 Pandemic during a complete period lockdown, all the residents are instructed to submit an online request before any movement in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan.

Solution is developed where E-Pass can be requested online and can be quickly verified by Authorities.


  • Paperless transparent way of travel pass issue
  • Easy for anyone to check the status of ePass with no calls to government offices
  • People movement can be monitored and tracked in case of emergency

E Pass Create Flow

  • Residents can fill a simple form and submit it with the reason for movement. 
  • Residents are requested to submit the online request using below Url.


  • Residents specify StartTime, Endtime, purpose & supporting document very clearly along with other basic necessary details, they can also  mention vehicle number and driver details if required
  • Residents receives SMS on their mobile number with RequestID, this RequestID can be used to check status of E-pass by Department or by resident themselves
  • Once request is Approved Or Rejected by police department residents again gets notified via SMS

E Pass Approval Flow

E Pass Status

  • Status of the request can be checked online


  • Live status can be checked both by Officer or Resident also
  • All the requests can be seen and verified by the department in the “All Is Well” dashboard.
  • Departments officers can review requests and choose to Approve\Reject.
  • Department can enter the name of approver and reason as well.