First step of securing gated community is people hire security agency and then install CCTV. But can the CCTVs be relied on completely. Is it impressive solution to stop a security breach?


Well this is how a breach of security happens at any campus…


  1. Visitor walks in.Fakes an identity and registers himself at the gate and manages an approval over intercom.
  2. The data entered in visitor book is illegible.
  3. He skipped the CCTV eye. How …there are many ways to do it.. Wear a cap, manage a time with bad lights, wait for a power cut or maybe just closely walk in behind an innocent resident.


Now we have a suspect in the campus with no trail to catch him back. He is a free to break any rule which he might not have dared under a watchful eye.


What went wrong? Some may say that let’s fix the CCTV by placing them in better place. Let’s put them always on run. Well do really believe that it can fix all situations of 21st century.


Here is the real world example:

As from Hindu, May 21st, 2016, when E. Rubyraj, a lady in Chennai was about to board a train she was robbed of her handbag. With a city having more than 1500 cameras monitored, the policeman says “The cameras have not been working for a long time now. Even if they work they won’t be of any help as they are focussed towards the road and don’t have a 360-degree view


Many a times even those CCTV footages are hard to recover. Even in the developed world, it is said only 3% of street robberies in London were solved using CCTV images, despite the fact that Britain has more security cameras than any other country in Europe.


Special offering from “All Is Well” team alleviates your security to next level. Our unique solution authenticates the visitors by their mobile they carry and ensures each one of their pictorial identity is clicked. Needless to say, each mobile number is linked to your social identity so when a person is authenticated with his mobile number, he is also traceable for any investigation.