Visitor Management

Once you book a flat in a gated community, the first thing comes in your mind is that, now you and your family is completely secured. In the society 24X7 security guards are there, you get complete CCTV surveillance of the premises.What else anyone expects. Isn’t it.

But have you thought what happens if a visitor enters with a fake name or with wrong credentials or suddenly CCTV is malfunctioning or being sabotaged?One more thing which we forget to consider that guards are also human and are subject to human error and one form of security is always subjected to the vulnerability.

Don’t you think the security should be implemented all ways around so if one fails, we can have counter measures.
To give you the perfect solution for your safety we design AllIsWell. Now let’s see how it works. As the visitor enters in the society, the main gate security takes his actual photograph or photo of his government-issued ID card, authenticate his phone number by taking a missed call from his number on their AllIsWell device and send immediate notification to the member of the society. Once the member approves, then they allow him to enter into the society. By this, you can anytime stop unauthorised visitors.Not only this, we have a very good and hassle free solution for inviting your guests through AllIsWell. Suppose you want to invite one or multiple guests at the same time than what you need to do are, just send an invitation through AllIsWell app to all your guests. This invitation will go in the form of an OTP along with the Google location map of your society. As the guests arrive at the main gate they just need to show that OTP and can enter into the society. No intercom, no hassles.

And at the end of the day all the records are sent to the admin for future references. Isn’t AllIsWell a very friendly and secure solution!

Staff Attendance Tracking

On the regular basis the most awaited person are our daily helpers. Whether it is a maid or a cook or a driver or a cleaner. Isn’t it. And these most important guests can give you surprise any time by not turning up on their time.Then what happens !! You restlessly start calling them and sometimes they either switch off their mobiles or don’t pick your call and if they pick your call then they have the common answer to it..”madam aaj nahin ayenge tabiyat kharab hai”.

What if in the morning itself, you get the information about your daily helper checking into the apartment. I think nothing can be better than this.

With our digitized app AllIsWell, we are ready to solve all your daily helpers related tensions too. Let’s have a look.
Through our app an unique number is assigned to every house helper and he /she can only enter in the society by registering that number with AllIsWell app. Our app stores the door numbers with the respective helper and on the basis of that record daily a immediate notification send to all the members about their entrance and exit into the society. To prevent you from any cheat or theft, we keep records of the authenticated ID proof of each staff with their name, identity and complete address. Also our biometric entry system allows the entry of registered staff only.

The best part of this app is yet to come. If some day your house helper doesn’t turn up or left then you need not to worry. You just go to AllIsWell app and find all available staff with their rating and their available time slots. AllIsWell also enables you to access their number so that you can directly catch them. This app is very user friendly. The maintenance staff can easily add or delete any new entry in the society with an ease.

Not only household helper but AllIsWell also maintains the record of society staff like security guards, management staff with their entry, exit and availability in the society along with their authentic ID proofs, phone numbers, addresses and previous records.

At the end of the day all the entries are sent to the admin and are saved in the digitized form for future references.

Digitized Resident Data

Oh tomorrow is the date of my LIC premium, or I forgot to put the remainder of next month’s credit card payment, or I just need to renew my car insurance, just like these there are so many important reminders that, you need to put every year. And if by chance you forget to put one, then you have to pay a heavy penalty for that. Along with these all crucial reminders, there is one more important reminder, which you can’t overlook is the end of a house lease agreement date. Isn’t it?
You will be surprised to know that our high-end app AllIsWell is capable of handling all your headaches related to your apartment very efficiently. Through the app you can maintain the records of all the residences digitally.

Now the point comes that what kind of reminders the app is taking care off. So you can’t forget about the lease agreement. As you enter into the society as a tenant then you have to sign a lease agreement with your landlord to live in his house for a particular period of time. And after completion of the period you need to renew the agreement with your landlord to continue your stay in that particular house.

AllIsWell is smart enough to keep all the track records of lease agreements and there end dates. As the end date of any lease agreement arrives, our app automatically notifies the admin so that he can further inform to respective tenant and landlord and keep the records updated.

Bulk Notification

In your society, what happens if in 2nd block due to repairing work there were no water supply between 2pm and 4pm or in 4th block one of the lifts were under maintenance for the day or wanted to inform society members about forthcoming events in the society. Then what are the options available to admin to inform respective residents. He can either place a notice on the notice board. But the probability to see the notice of all the members are poor or as a better option he can send an SMS to all the members of the particular block. But again this is not a feasible solution because to send SMS manually is a big challenge.

In that case, what can he do. Very simple, just use AllIsWell app and do everything very easily. How? Once this app is installed in your society, then the admin can easily maintain the digitized record of all the members. Whenever the need arises to send a bulk notification, the admin just selects the block on the app and send message by just a single click. All the residents get SMS and app notification of the message and can easily prepare themselves for coming issue.
Now you can see how AllIsWell makes a very tedious and lengthy work very easy and error free.

Amenities Usage Tracking

If I ask you the question that why you pay maintenance of the society. Then your answer will be to use and maintain the provided amenities. In most of the society you need to mention your in and out timing with your name, flat number and phone number in the register keeping outside the amenity room or area while using it. As these are all manual entries some outsider can easily come and can mention any flat number and use the service.Is this fair for the society members.
Don’t worry again, there is a solution with AllIsWell. By this smart solution your society can maintain the track records of every amenity user digitally. For example, if someone is going to use the swimming pool, then through his own device or device placed at pool premises, he has to check in and checkout with his unique id. The app automatically records entry and exit.The same will apply on other amenities too. Due to the digitized maintenance of every record the admin can easily track the miscreants entry and can refuse the person to use the services. AllIsWell app assures right people are using your campus facilities and are being tracked.

Courier Management

If you both husband and wife are working or sometimes nobody is at home when your courier arrives at the main gate of the society. Many times you don’t feel comfortable to get it dropped at a neighbor’s house. In that case what you is your preference? You instruct the courier boy and at the same time to the security to keep it with them. But the whole day you are in tension of your courier. There are the chances that by someone impersonating you someone else takes it or it can be misplaced by the security. In that case, what do you do. Do you stop on your incoming couriers? No.

We have a solution for you in our app AllIsWell to handle this situation very efficiently. As your courier arrives at the gate then you can inform the security guard about your absence at the home and instruct him to keep it at the gate until you arrive.

As the guard enters this information on AllIsWell app, then automatically an OTP is sent to you. Now, whenever you reach to the society only by showing that OTP you can collect your courier. Don’t you think now your couriers are more secure! The app AllIsWell ensures delivery of the courier on the right hand. Many undelivered couriers are also left at the gate. Then by the end of the day the list of all undelivered couriers is sent to the admin for future record with the help of AllIsWell app.

House Keeping Job Management

Every society has its support staff. That staff includes electrician, plumber, carpenter, cleaning staff, gardener and many more, who takes care of the healthy running of the society. Most of the time you are not even require their presence but the trouble begins when you come across situations like leakage in sink tap, chocked or stinking sink or short circuit. Then immediately you start looking for the number, asks neighbors, calling the security guard. In short suddenly you find your life in chaos.

Then what to do? Relaxed, our smart app AllIsWell takes care of this also. This is how it works? When you have AllIsWell app in your premises then anytime you can generate your household related requests through the app. That notification directly goes to the admin and he addresses it on a priority basis and then you get the concerned staff to resolve the problem. You can also see all your pending requests on the app.